About 4 DRC

We understand how dangerous guns are, but it is important to learn how to use it in the proper way and with discipline. In this website, our goal is for people to be aware of the importance of guns and ammo and how to take care of this. John and I had a bad experience in guns. So we decided to create this blog for all to be educated on using the guns and ammo. We will introduce to you on how the invention of gun starts and much more information. For beginners, you may ask do pistols have magazines or clips, how many bullets in a magazine. We will tackle those kinds of question in our blog and much more to read and learn.


The main goal of this site is to help people to be aware of guns and the importance of it. Not for bad intention but for safety and for fun. There are organizations who have activities about playing gun indoor and outdoor activity. So on our site, we will help you to have knowledge about different kinds of gun. As well as, different gears to wear and medicines that you need to bring with every day. We will also feature different people have experience in firearms and how do they learn to use a gun and much more.

We will also feature different gun reviews and what is a sale in the gun market. Also, a gun review from expert people who use and play gun. With much more information we are excited to help you learn to play gun like the high capacity magazine. As well as, the latest kinds of gun that are powerful and technology.

If there are any question and clarifications that you want to ask us, feel free to send us a message in our section and we will address it as soon as possible.